Monday, November 22, 2010

Me, on the set of: GLEE Season 2 Episode 8 "FURT"

Air date: November 23rd 2010

I'm guessing most of you "Glee" fans out there have a crush on one of the students in the show.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a little Puck eye candy as well, but who do I love watching the most?  Will Schuester (AKA Mr. Schue - The Glee club coach).  What's his real name?  Matthew Morrison.  Check out this photo:

While working on "Glee" a few weeks back, I was pretty excited to learn that I'd be spending the entire day (12 hours) chatting it up with Matt Morrison.  I was seated next to him at the wedding.  He said I was his date.  He's a very down to earth guy and while in between cuts, when he wasn't chatting with me :)  he was texting on his iPhone like the rest of the world.  He told me a lot about himself, like where he is from and where he has lived etc...  He had been living in NYC for the past 12 years working on Broadway and such.  One of his first big shows was the musical "Footloose".  I mentioned that I saw that musical when it traveled to Hartford, CT about 10 years back.  Come to find out, he was in the show.  Weird.  Matt moved to Los Angeles specifically for "Glee".  I'm not sure even he knew just how big it would be.
What else did we talk about?  Well, while filming an episode, he slid under a couch and broke his finger.  He had to keep taking off his splint while they were rolling.  His birthday is the day before Halloween and although he was having a huge Halloween party at his house near the Hollywood Bowl, he said it wasn't for his birthday.  He dressed up as Richard Simmons.
Matt was awesome to talk to.  In between takes, he went over to Krafty and brought me back some sour patch kids.  How did he know I loved those?  We shared and chatted some more.  He told me some other stuff but I"m not at liberty to say.  As a fellow actor, I can respect one's privacy.

Speaking of Privacy- There were paparazzi everywhere on this set.  They just camped around along the outskirts just waiting to get the perfect picture of the cast.  A fellow actor and I thought it'd be funny to snap a photo of the them.

So, all that was day one.  Day two, we were at the reception.  Matt was seated across the room from me so I did not get to talk to him although, when he walked by me to go to his seat, he rubbed my back to say hello.  He was very nice and I wish I got to say goodbye.

Although I did not see Jane Lynch, those two days on set were pretty fun.  I made some friends, danced, chatted with a hottie and was entertained by the cast singing and dancing.   Matt did a solo on stage that me turn to jell-o.  I hope you all enjoy his performance on the small screen as much as I enjoyed it live.  Still tingling just thinking about it.  One of the best performers in that show is Heather Morris (Brittany).  She just looks like she loves what she does and she's amazing at it.  From what I hear, she used to be a backup dancer for Beyonce.  Apparently Beyonce had a ton of backup dancers because one of my photographers used to dance for her too.  Strange, small world.

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