Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Divine Intervention Society Moon Walked My ADIDAS while Photography by Milan took my picture

I cannot BEEEE-LIEVE how busy it's been recently, and when you hear why, you're gonna be bustin' the rhymes, doin' the Moon Walk, dressin' in some snazzy digs, and takin' some pix.

Or something like that...

First off, I had my first professional photo shoot. Photography by Milan, Make-up by Myah Dillard, Extreme Happiness by me ;-) Check out some of these shots:

Just as soon as that was done, it was time to head to Downtown L.A. for some amazing music and a great video shoot for Divine Intervention Society's new single, "Moon Walk My ADIDAS." The shoot featured break-dancing, VW Bugs, and some great artists, including band members O Brown (worked with B Real of Cypress Hill among others), Christian Wicks (a DJ and president of fashion line English Laundry), and Cameron Candelaria (drummer, worked with Crazy Town), as well as special guests like Cash Phlow (who's worked with Dr. Dre, Wu Tang, and a zillion others). It was an amazing time (very cold for L.A., too!). Here's pix of me with the band members, all of us excessively 80's-ified for the video shoot!

There was a whole other photo shoot, too, but the pix aren't here yet. Expect another update soon!!

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  1. see, i knew those modeling classes we took w/Laureen would pay off some day..

  2. Ha ha ha, remember those pathetic classes? Too funny.