Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can You Handle the Nightlife on Sunset Blvd?

Remember the Halloween blog? Well, Rod Baron's Baron Entertainment just reached their 10th Anniversary and threw a bash at Miyagi's on Sunset Blvd. GUEST LIST ONLY! Well, that's what they kept saying. When we arrived, there was no guest list and no one even at the door (all three of them we had to get through, so it wasn't for lack of doorways). But first thing's first...

Tim and I were a little late to the party, because as we were about to head out, police choppers surrounded our apartment complex and yelled over the loudspeakers, "Drop your weapons and come out with your hands up!" Naturally, we decided to turn off the lights and lay low for a while.

We finally get Missy and Shaun and the hunt for parking began. Best highlight: a sign saying "$10 Parking" and clearly pointing to a specific lot that, when we drive up, the attendant says "It's normally $20 but I'll do $15 for you." Thanks! Such a great deal! You'll only rip me off for $5 instead of $10. I feel so honored.

Does it even need to be said? We found free parking elsewhere.

Arriving at the Guest-List-Free party, we found it was jam-packed and featured some great freebies: T. Patterson coffee & espresso, a free photo booth provided by Party Booths, and some big-screen Wii, PS3 and XBox 360 game playing provided by MindGames Entertainment. Three sketchy folks later, we decided to hightail it across the street to The Den of Hollywood, but not before noticing a girl that was so drunk that she had rubber ankles: you know, when a drunk girl is walking all screwy because she has high heels and no balance, and her ankles are bending at 90-degree angles as she wobbles across the street. Missy called to this girl's "friends," saying, "Maybe you should take her shoes off before she hurts herself." In all their sober glory (riiiiight) they said, "She's fine" and continued on their way. I'm pretty sure that girl's probably in the hospital this morning.

Speaking of the hospital, after our super-cheap Sailor Jerry rum drinks at The Den (great place!), we were on our way back to the car when we heard a loud thump in the middle of traffic. Tim and Shaun took off across the street to help a guy who'd just been run over! He tried to walk on a broken ankle (something about ankles last night!) but clearly was in equal parts shock and drunken stupor after being drilled by the car. It was a frantic few minutes while we pulled him off the street and I kept his leg raised while Tim called for an ambulance. The driver of the car was also in shock, probably, and we're sure that another car had slammed into the back of his car and then sped off. How the guy with the broken ankle got knocked down into traffic and only got hit the once is miraculous; he's very lucky he got away with a broken ankle and what looked like just some minor bleeding from his head...but then again, we got booted aside when the cops and EMTs arrived, so who knows how serious it was.

I'd like to thank the LAPD for just how well they covered the scene, and how little they did for the poor guy. I provided medical assistance; they stood around. Since when was this how things worked?

To be fair, they did immediately get some witnesses and started piecing everything together, so hopefully the driver and the guy who got hit don't end up in any worse a situation then they were already in. It'd be really nice if someone identified the car that sped off. What an ass!

I think that's enough excitement for this year! I doubt that's the end though, because this year's still got a month and a half left, and (in the words of Tim Bannock) Hollywood's nothing if not batshit crazy!

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