Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baron Entertainment's Halloween party was scary, Chicks With Guns' was rocked by Shiloe!

Zombies Tim and Laurie w/ Freddy

The two Halloween parties this weekend were PACKED, and the costumes were all fantastic.

At Baron Entertainment on Friday - a really cool talent agency that'll be celebrating their 10th Anniversary soon - we saw a girl walking around with a refrigerator box that she'd done up to look like her Facebook Page, her head in the profile photo area, her friend list, her Wall posts, everything. Amazing costume, but probably not the best idea for a party where the amount of room to move by the bar is measured in eighths of an inch ;-) Not to say the venue wasn't big: it was enormous, featuring a haunted graveyard out front and a second floor done up as a haunted house (but the "ghosts" were a little too drunk to pull off the tour!). Great place, and the people were all in great spirits, except for a drunk girl out front trying to puke up her alcohol and - in the process - unintentionally showing us all her unmentionables.

Girls, remember this: no matter the costume, underwear is probably a good idea.

Saturday was Chicks with Guns' Halloween party, and it was like a mini-concert. Shiloe played some great music, and there were more great costumes: a girl dressed up as a box of Franzia wine, complete with pour spout, as well as a fully-suited Gumby busting out the moves on the dance floor.

Shiloe rocking out

Both nights we were accompanied by Dave Brooks (who you should friend on Facebook, because he loves it so much), who works with Tim at Chicks With Guns and L.A. Wheel and Friday was the workings of Topie, who we met during a zombie wedding photo shoot ("That Special Day" by Junebug Media).

Tim and I stole our costume ideas from our good friends Noel and Jim, and hopefully they don't hate us for it...gotta give credit where it's due, and it was such a great idea (not to mention it wasn't too expensive to pull off, and we could move around freely at the parties, unlike Franzia and Facebook!). And as you can see, we even got to dress up Oliver and we brought him around the block, but surprisingly did not get any candy for the little devil...


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