Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Social Networking Tip of the Week: What can do for you

There are all sorts of sites you can go to and paste in a link, then have it "shortened" so it looks like this: This is great for updating your status to Twitter and other places where word-count matters; with only 140 characters, every one of those matters so people actually have a clue what you're directing them to or telling them about.

But has some advantages that others don't. For one, you can link it to some of your accounts, so you could post to Twitter right from there. For another, it gives you a good idea on when to schedule an update based on traffic to various sites. If you post an update on a Friday night, for example, it's a lot more likely to get lost on Twitter, because everybody with an iPhone is also posting an update then. It's easy for someone to login on a Monday morning and see dozens of updates, and that's when your update is most likely to get ignored, missed, or skimmed, and so any links you post get lost.

But the best part of It's run through StumbleUpon, so any links you shorten automatically get submitted there. If you don't know StumbleUpon, it's a place where you submit links and they get "broadcast" to the Stumble program that allows people to just happen upon your site (get it? Stumble?), people can review and rate the link, and basically, just a lot more people might see it.

Judging by Google Analytics, StumbleUpon and have really helped my website get out there, and if any body happens upon my site and is a casting agent...that's a really good thing!

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