Monday, May 10, 2010

Criminal Minds: The Internet is Forever airs 5/19/2010

Season 5, Episode 22 – Airs: 5/19/2010

Episode Summary: The BAU travels to Boise, Idaho, to profile a serial killer who is using the internet to find his victims on social networking sites.

I was chatting with a few people on a pilot I worked on and this girl who had been working background for some time now mentioned how awful it was to play a cop because the uniforms were uncomfortable, hot and sometimes itchy, the belt was heavy, the boots never fit right and it took forever to remove everything to use the bathroom.

So, when I got cast as a Boise Police Officer for Criminal Minds I was a little nervous.

First, I realized how great it was not to have to lug a ton of wardrobe with me. Next, I found out how funny I looked and felt wearing a police uniform until I got the belt with all the "weapons" and then I felt powerful :)

Now, she wasn't completely wrong, the uniform wasn't the most comfortable thing to wear. The waist band was so high it couldn't flatter a super model. The belts, buckles, boots, badge and weaponry were all so heavy. It took a while to get all of our gear and get suited up. Walking was interesting at first. They don't carry every size in shoes on sets so you have to hope you get a pair that's close to your size or at least bigger rather than smaller. I was able to wear my insoles in the boots which made standing and walking MUCH more tolerable than wearing heels all day. Going to the bathroom was a little tricky at first but after a few times you kind of got the hang of it. The only thing was, you had to really plan your bathroom trips because you tripled your time in there and if they needed you on set you had to be ready. Needless to say, I didn't drink a whole lot of coffee during these three days of shooting.

I'll take wearing a police uniform any day over wearing a mini skirt and heels for 12 hours.

I got to work with a few people that I worked with on the movie Bad Teacher which was nice and I made some new friends on set. I really liked all the other actors and the crew was nice as well. The food was also good so that's always something to look forward to.

I worked pretty closely to the main actors and got to make some major eye contact with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore (pictured above; unfortunately Shemar didn't take his shirt off) during the first scene I worked on in the police station. The main actors didn't really talk to the background at all and most of the time they seemed pretty serious and focused.

Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Dr. Spencer Reid (my favorite character) got a haircut that I think looks fantastic but I overheard some people talking about how they miss his long hair.

The second day of filming, there were a ton of extras playing family and friends of the victims and I was sort of in charge of a few groups of people bringing them to different spots of the station, consoling them, directing them, improvising and pantomiming of course. One guy was so 'into' his character that I was really impressed yet wanted to crack up because I'm pretty sure you won't see us at all in the scene and if you do, we'll be so far away you probably won't be able to make out our faces.

During our off time in holding, a few of us got together and filmed a ridiculous little movie using just an iphone and an editing application. I'll post the film here (just click on the link) but I just want you all to know that this is a joke and in no way do I consider this good acting, it's just being "Bored on Set."

My question remains, What does UnSub stand for and/or what does it mean? If you watch the show, you know what I'm talking about and if you know the answer, feel free to post it in my comments section. I'm very curious.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time doing this ep! I'm a CM fan and have been since it started, it's a great show. (I came across your blog entry via google alerts, in case you're wondering!)

    Anyhow, UnSub stands for "Unknown Subject"; it's how they refer to the perp before they know their identity.

  2. it's "Unknown Subject" i think!

  3. BWAHAHAHAA!! That vid was hilarious! The chest reveal is my fave part--you are really in need of a little wax job there dear! hahahahaa! Thanks for posting this CM tidbit for us diehard fans. Youre adorable!!

  4. Thanks for letting me know what an UnSub was.
    And thank you all so much for visiting my blog page. Hope to see you back again.
    Slashgirl - I did have a fun time working that episode and I hope to get back on the show again in the future.
    Mombailey - Thanks for watching our strange little video. We had fun making it during our downtime.