Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Series of short films premier for the Summer at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood

On June 7th, Diegodiego, Blanca Blanco and I headed to the Egyptian Theater for the premier of four short films (actually a trailer and 3 short films).

They were:
All of them were great, but Skip Listening in particular had a very powerful message that they got through with lots of comedy and lots of emotion, all in one very short package. The character Thor Ramsey plays at the beginning -- a distracted, self-important radio personality -- was really awesome. Gave me some ideas for a future project...

Interview with MingleMedia TV Network

Met actor Courtney Gains (@ IMDB) who is going to be appearing in the upcoming movies "Faster" and "Go Straight to Hell." He was super-nice, and spoke with Tim about publicists, current projects, and other stuff, which was great.

Q&A with the actors and production teams, including Miro Gladovic (former FIFA agent, creator "American Footy Star"), Amit Handa (producer "American Footy Star"), Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl (writer and star "Conversations with Lucifer"), Gary Klavans (writer and star "Diamond Confidential"), Thor Ramsey and Lexi Marman (stars "Skip Listening")

Missed the after party at the Pig N Whistle Pub next door because it was getting late and we needed to get back home for Ollie!


"Diamond Confidential" (

The film brings back the remembrance of the film-noir style with visionary luminosity and a classic 21th Century touch. The contents are a mystery. The reward is high. The risk is death. Winner of 2010 Honolulu Film Festival 'The Silver Lei Award'.
Directed and Produced by Graeme Finlayson.

Starring and Written by Gary Klavans.
Also Starring - Danielle De Luca, Maggie Vandenberghe, Damon Standifer,
P.J. Marshall, with Michael Dempsey and David St. James


"Conversation with Lucifer" (

Darby Quinn is a 23-year old recovering drug addict navigating her way through early sobriety. Though resolved to stay clean in a twelve step program, she is incapable of being fundamentally honest with herself and others about the root of her addiction. This is a very real cinematic portrait of one woman's struggle to overcome her demons and rebuild. Told with all of the irony and acerbic wit so true of life, Conversations With Lucifer reminds us that hope finds us in the most unexpected of places and the most unlikely of ways.
Produced by Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl ,Kerry Finlayson, Daemon Hillin, Gordon Vasquez
Written by Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl.

Director – Cody Boesen

Principal Cast – Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl, Spencer Garrett, Dikla Marshall, Brandon Karrer, Kim Kendall

"Skip Listening" (

"Skip Listening" is an 11-minute comedy short film that was shot and edited in 7 days (a 168 Hour Film Project), was runner Up for best film at the 168 International Film Festival, and is about obnoxious and narcissistic radio DJ Skip Stonewall (Thor Ramsey), who is so self-involved that he doesn't even notice one of his co-workers (Lexi Marman) is Deaf. What is the difference between Skip Stonewall and a room full of deaf people? The deaf people can hear better! However, a providential mishap forces him to hear like never before.

Directed by Christopher Shawn Shaw.
Produced by Christopher Shawn Shaw, Josh B. Jacobs, and Colleen Bennett.
Starring Thor Ramsey, Lexi Marman, Robert G. Lee, Josh B. Jacobs and Kristen McCoy.

American Footy Star "Trailer" (

American Footy Star Reality TV Show - Upcoming TV Show trailer for a U.S. based athletic talent competition in search of the next Australian Football League (AFL) star. One lucky American athlete will be selected from the American Footy Combines (to take place summer 2010), and will win a trip to Australia and have the opportunity to be mentored by the AFL celebrity judges and be invited to the AFL “2010 Rookie Draft Camp. Celebrity judges include retired Australian Football League superstar players Jason McCartney and Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico. Mentors will include Jimmy Bartel (Brownlow Medalist) and AFL Champ’s Geelong Cats Assistant Coach Brenton Sanderson.

Created, Produced and Starring Miro Gladovic.
Produced by Amit Handa.


Photography: Nelson Shen
Press/Media: Yvette Morales for YM & Associates

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