Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Expanding horizons!

Social networking is a big deal, something we (Laurie and Tim) have learned quite a bit about in the past few months from all manner of sources. One thing that was hard to come by, however, was information specifically targeted at increasing online/social network exposure for an actress. Sure, there's tons of places that will tell you "Social networking for an artist is probably the key to success, if any one such 'key' actually exists," but they don't really tell you the how's of it. Again, not in any targeted manner.

Then, a good friend of ours -- Jim (whose music has often been a great friend at work!) -- pointed me to Laura Roeder's site(s) and...well, the floodgates opened. There's lots of great info to be had, and I'm very thankful Jim's a guru of social marketing, because without him, we wouldn't be as far along as we are. And without people like Laura Roeder, crazy new networking ideas wouldn't be the bread and butter that is Social Media Strategy.

Anyway, part of what I'm getting at is that I'm now on LinkedIn and Twitter. But it's way cooler for me to have put together a big story around that. Perhaps more importantly, maybe it's worth expanding the horizons of this blog: not only to do a little social networking promotion for my site, Laurie Landry, but also to show a clear path on how that social networking is done, and what it leads to. Expect to see some really cool stuff very soon!

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