Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NCIS: Los Angeles

I loved working my first day on set: filming "Hand-to-Hand," episode 16 of NCIS: Los Angeles at Paramount Studios. The PA's and crew were great at giving direction and were all really nice. Working background gave me a chance to meet some awesome people over the course of what turned out to be a fairly long day. I wore flats, but they stretched on me and started giving me blisters as the day wore on. Whoever said acting was easy!

During our hour of lunch, I got to walk around the studio and check out the lot and while breaking for a small moment LL Cool J kept smiling at me, but because it's not cool to talk to the "Famous" on set, all I could do was smile back at him. Awkward much? Well, he finally came up to me and asked how my day was going. I couldn't just ignore him, that would have been rude right? ;-P Unfortunately for me, Chris O'Donnell kept mostly to himself, so I didn't get a shot at interacting with him (Fun Fact: both LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell are even hotter in real life! I don't even know how that's possible).

Oh, and Linda Hunt is SOOOOOOO tiny. It took all my strength to fight the urge to just pick her up! Kinda like a cute puppy or small child. I hope that's not offensive.

Watch NCIS: Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 6th...and maybe you'll spot me in the good guys' headquarters!

Picture is from NCIS: Los Angeles Fan's website.

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  1. Hey Laurie,
    thanks for this little insight behind the scenes of NCIS: LA.
    Hope you don't mind me posting a link to your blog on mine.
    CU sindee

  2. Sindee and Laurie,

    LL looks pretty bad-@$$ in those shots of him boxing! Love the NCIS: LA Fan site!

  3. Hi Sindee,
    No problem, I think it's great that we can cross link. I appreciate it. When I work on the show again, I'll let you know. So great that you have a fan site. Looking forward to reading more.