Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Carpet Events: Some fun facts

Red Carpet Events are quite a bit of fun, and there's always new faces and crazy personalities. But there are some interesting facts that I've discovered, stuff that might change both an outsider's view of them as well as prepare new actors, musicians, and artists for these events...which are mandatory if you want to get a foot in the door. Best to be prepared, right? So here are some of those interesting facts:
  • There are lines...often long lines, but sometimes very short lines that DO NOT MOVE. Either way, there's something long about it, and not in a good way. (Is there a such thing as a long line that's good? If you think of one, let me know and write it down in the comments!)
  • The other people in line know about as much as you do. Which is to say, nothing at all. That's a good thing, if you're willing to talk to them about that fact ;-)
  • The people immediately surrounding you in line are one of two types of people: (1) the people you talk to most and make friends with early on while you're waiting in line, and thus the people that you will remember (and will remember you) the most; (2) the people who are about to cut you if you don't throw some elbows or pull out the "trippy foot" maneuver. You know what maneuver I'm talking about!
  • If cops show up, it's not because of the potential underage stars drinking alcohol at the club, the potential drug abuse in the bathrooms, or the shady extortions going on in the back rooms. As far as I've seen, that stuff doesn't happen nearly as much in Hollywood (well not at the red carpet events) as the news would make you believe. No, if cops show up, it's because some real celebrity was trying to walk down the sidewalk to get into a better club, and couldn't get around all the not-so-big stars waiting in line at the club featuring the Red Carpet Event. Stupid big time celebrities!
  • The people controlling the lines are one of two people: (1) Guys like Alex Munoz, who knows everybody's face and runs things like a well-oiled machine; (2) Guys like Bill the Bouncer, who looks tough and is probably packing heat, but is probably more scared of the line than the people in the line are scared of how their hair looks before they hit the cameras.
  • If you're 20 feet from the door, and someone official-looking says, "We're going to stop the line for a minute or two as people get through the Red Carpet," then that really means, "We're going to announce this party is closed permanently in about 45 seconds."
I think Red Carpet Events -- the ones you don't see on national TV -- are some of the best places to get to meet people. They are also scary for newcomers, and a lot of people still follow the mentality of being out for themselves, which only makes it harder on the new crowd. But if you just put yourself out there and start talking, you'll never expect the personalities you'll meet! I've met some great ones so far, and I'm looking forward to meeting many more!

Pictures include Diegodiego, Blanca Blanco, Alex Munoz.

Photography by Tim Bannock (top two pix), Khater's Photos (bottom left), and Nelson Shen photography (bottom right).

Did I miss anything particularly important to know about Red Carpets? Want to know anything more? Just tell/ask below in the comments!


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