Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Entourage - Season 7 Ep. 3 : Dramedy - airdate July 18th

Entourage: Season 7 Episode 3 "Dramedy" to Air on July 18, 2010

First off - I'm pretty sure I won't be seen in this episode of Entourage. Me and this other girl were directed to go up the ramp and into the cafe and the waiter was supposed to bring us out to sit outside on the deck (where all the action was) but instead these other girls just took our seats. So, we just walked quickly by the camera and went inside and stayed there for the rest of the time. It was nice to sit down and chat with someone though. It was also great because it was a really short day - well, short for background work anyway.

I got to touch elbows with Adrian Grenier. Adrien got a haircut that I'm not all that impressed with. Check out some photos of Adrian here. In the scene we shot, Adrian was to ride a motorcycle up on the curb in front of the cafe. he stalled it a few times which was funny. I think he felt silly though. I enjoyed it. I think I saw all of the main actors except for Jeremy Piven. Kevin Dillon was awesome, he joked around and chatted us up inside the cafe during his quick break. Very nice guy, would love to work with him again.

The Entourage Girls were... um... well, let's just say, they were a bit older than me and weren't wearing much clothing and they all looked alike. Fake breasts, bleach blond hair, fake tans, tons of makeup. But I guess that's the look they were going for.

There was a family there (mom, dad and daughter) that won a day on set. They flew in from New York on their own dime just to be on set. They were nice and were asking me a lot of questions about what they should know and do on set etc...


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  1. Tommy and I just got into this show this summer, and watched all the seasons. I am pretty sure I know exactly what episode you're talking about! That is awesome! how annoying that those other girls took the seats you were supposed to sit in :( Love this show, though! :-) I hear they are making a movie after the last season!