Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Red carpet premier at Grauman's Chinese Theater and then Jane's House


May 27th was a busy night: two red carpets and a whole lot of walking!!
Dinner in between where I had a terrible margarita.
Didn't think to bring a change of clothes for the second red carpet so I improvised and stole Tim's vest. Thanks Tim.

Cielito Lindo premier @ Grauman's Chinese Theater
Official Website of "Cielito Lindo"
Red carpet event held at the prestigious Grauman's Chinese Theater, which happens to be very beautiful!

Official Trailer for "Cielito Lindo" -

Vendicatore - A Sicilian Tragedy red carpet event @ Jane's House in Hollywood
Official Website for "Vendicatore"
Facebook Fan Page for "Vendicatore"
Red carpet event held at Jane's House in Hollywood...which really does look like a house. A house with a lot of doors.

Photo by Nelson Shen


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